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100 % Automated Bitcoin Website. Amazing and Well Designed News Website!  Drive HUGE traffic with this popular niche!    The website has a premium plugin that will AUTOMATICALLY import new videos, articles, and products daily in each categories of the website! Just add your method of monetization (Adsense/Custom Banners/Amazon/Etc) and drive traffic!

This viral prank video site is completely automated!  All you need to do is drive traffic.  Videos are pulled daily from sources and uploaded automatically to your site.  All it takes is one good video from your site to go viral to BLOW your Adsense account up!  We’ve done the work for you!

100% Automated custom global technology news site.  This site pulls information from all of the top sources and integrates them into the site seamlessly.  Giving you a great design for readers and excellent placements for advertisements.  

Fully automated Tech Blog with a focus on Photoshop Tips and Tutorials.  This blog automatically pulls content from reliable sources around the internet, so you do not have to.  Just drive traffic and set your ads. We call this blog ‘My Photoshop Lessons’.

My Survival TV is a blog in the extremely profitable survival niche.  This blog is designed to pull top survival videos that are optimized to go viral.  The survival niche is estimated to be around 10 Billion dollars a year, this is your chance to get in on it at a very low entry price.  Just set your ads and drive traffic, we’ve already one everything else for you.  Designed for conversions.


The Marijuana industry is BOOMING!  With more and more states legalizing Marijuana each day, it is becoming more and more acceptable.  Why not get your piece of the pie?  This Marijuana Video Blog pulls the most popular videos from around the internet related to marijuana and places them on your site automatically.  Why try to reinvent the wheel?  Just set it and forget it, truly one of our favorites.

Our Turnkey Real Estate AutoBlog is really all encompassing. From buying, selling, investing  or tips for beginners, everything is covered.  This is a one size fits all for the real estate niche.  Pulling the most popular articles and videos automatically, so you can focus on traffic.


We’re calling this autoblog  ‘Juicing Marshall’.   Our team has just completed another round of keyword research and juicing was at the top of that list.  With this auto blog, we pull both video and articles from the top juicing websites on the internet and place them all in one place, which is your new website.  All you have to do is add your advertisement code anddrive traffic to it!