Frequently Asked Questions

After purchase, you will be sent a link to login to your new site. Our Support is 24/7, any issue you run into we're here to help.
All of our sites are turnkey. Very little experience is needed. General knowledge of WordPress is nice to have, but not 100% needed.
No. We offer 1 Year free hosting through our web hosting partner
Yes. Once you purchase a site, it is yours to do as you want with. We'll even help move if you need it!
For our Autoblogs, you will need to replace the ads that are built-in by our developers with your own. We utilize a very easy to use ad plugin to change out your code. We'll even walk you through, or even do this for you. For Aliexpress Drop Shipping Sites, you'll need to change the PayPal or Credit Card information to your own. We'll also be glad to help with this.
Driving traffic to your site is the key to making money. To do this, we recommend that you utilize social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We're more than glad to help you get these setup if needed. The most successful of our customers setup Facebook and Twitter pages to drive traffic. Simply grab a link from an interesting article on your site and paste it on a social network.
If for some reason you've done something that has created errors on your site, we can help restore your site. Either by reverting it back to its original state OR rolling back to right before the changes were made (only if you are on our partner web host).
Every one of our accounts come with a FREE domain for one year. However, if you wish to use your own we can install your new site on your own domain for you as well.